One shot, one kill


Bloque is a garrishly dressed sundered dwarf with a flare for fashion & knack for assassination.

He carries an exquisitely crafted dwarven compound short bow as well as numerous sets of arrows, each capable of terrible effects.

Bloque travels with an Org named Sluggo who serves as his personal muscle as well as an adopted … son?

Dwarven Assassin
A: 12
SM: 8
SP: 8
ST: 6
V: 8
Pace: 5
Parry: 8
Tough: 9 (3 for red chainmail)
“Lillith”, + 2 Dwarven compound bow—————-
+ 4 (+ 2 for not moving bonus) to hit, 2d6 + 4 (+ 6 if raise) and if attacking ftom stealth, Bloque shoots with a + 8 to hit, + 8 dmg (+ 10 w/ raise). If he goes called shot head and hits with a raise, that’s a whopping + 14 damage!!
HIND: Disdain Arcana
HIND: Slow
HIND: Overconfident
HIND: Greedy
HIND: Mean
RAC: Lowlight
RAC: Sturdy
RAC: Sundered – Urban Survival. Sundered dwarves can spend a benny to gain a +2 charisma bonus to glean information from their network within the urban underground. This effect lasts 3 hours.
BON: Thief
05: STAT
10: Skill increase
15: Assassin
20: Weapon Specialization
25: Marksman
30: Combat Archery
35: Quick Draw
40: Dead Shot
45: Trademark weapon
50: Quick
55: Far Shot
60: Imp trademark weapon
65: Imp Weapon Specialization
Archery: 12
Athletics: 6
Persuasion: 6
Stealth: 12
Investigation: 10
Notice: 10


Bloque was one of the more feared assassins within Millennia. He worked for a wealthy congressman and was tasked with “cleaning up” problems when things became “complicated”. He & his partner Mervlyn were masters of their craft & few if any stood a chance if those two had your number.

It all fell apart one summer as his benefactor started a civil war within Millennia by choosing to expose the crimes of his political rivals. Bloque did what he could to correct the mistake but ultimately had to flee.

He assassinated both the congressman as well as his son but his partner had left him, the other congressman turned in him and the city imploded into chaos.

Bloque left for Rustmire and acquired a new benefactor as well as a new traveling companion. He is in Staggra to hunt the worst of the worst and clear a path for his boss to enter the Nexus unopposed.


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