Horatio P. Loveforge

One eyed dwarven alchemist


Horatio is a one eyed old dwarf who reeks of chemicals, cigar smoke & gnomish scotch.

He dresses in garish attire with a tall top hat & a large backpack which serves as his mobile alchemy lab.


Horatio P. Loveforge is a century & a half old wisened hill dwarf from the stepped of Carboncinder.

Horatio has devoted his long life to the mysterious of the universe as well as the art of selling anything to anyone at any time.

He’s a barker, a grifter, a master of the shill and an all around good guy just trying to earn a few coins.

Horatio has built his own traveling alchemy lab and manufacturers elixers, potions, salves, balms & bombs and sells them with a flourish of gesticulation and alliteration.

He & Chloe have had many adventures together but now face a truly difficult test in defending the forts against the Horns of Convergence.

Horatio P. Loveforge

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