Loves HippoChickens


Roughly 8’-1/2" feet tall with spiky black hair. Sluggo is an “Org” – half orc & half ogre that fights with a Supreme War Club.

He is visually frightening due to his disproportions & immense size, but his demeanor is childlike & innocent…. when he’s not killing things for Bloque.

Sluggo aka ”Uggo”
Org (half Ork / half Ogre)
A: 4
SM: 4
SP: 4
ST: 12
V: 12
Pace: 6
Parry: 5 (-1)
Tough: 12 (2)
Bennies: 5
“Nap Time”, Lrg Warclub: Str+d12+1
HIND: Outsider
HIND: All Thumbs
HIND: Moron
HIND: Vengeful
HIND: Loyal
RAC: Lowlight
RAC: Rage
RAC: Strong
RAC: On the Move
BON: Brawny
BON: Size +1
05: Nerves of Steel
10: Bruiser
15: Lucky
20: STAT
25: No Mercy
30: Smashing Blow
35: Skill Upgrade: Brawl
40: STAT
45: Impr Lucky
50: Impr Nerves of Steel
Hvy Weps: 12
Athletics: 12
Brawl: 10


Sluggo was a gift slave to a wealthy congressman’s son. A creature bred & designed to serve as a witless bodyguard for a highborn brat.

Dense in muscle as well as skull, Sluggo is ignorant to the evils of the world. Bloque took care of the highborn boy and even attempted to kill the big Org. The arrow lodged in his skull but otherwise did little else.

Bloque decided it was fate that he take responsibility for the creature. Something about him pulled at the old dwarf’s heart strings, as hard as that is to believe.

Now Sluggo follows the silly old dwarf, smacking things into permanent “nappy time” when his poppa asks.

He dreams of the day when he can ride a “hippochicken” into the clouds….. His term for a gryphon.


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