The Blackheart Queen

Succubus of Valendale



Nothing is so alluring. Nothing nearly as majestic. The Blackheart Queen reigns supreme as muse of the Frost Giant army.

Her true form is a nightmarish thing to behold. An obscene abberation of insect, reptile & humanoid. Gigantic and oozing with poisonous fluid, she is an abysmal contagion whose actual form strikes madness into the minds of sane men.


A temptress of exquisite beauty & grace. She is epitome of sexual desire in both men & women, whose charm & guile infects all within her range of influence. They are drawn to her and willingly become her thralls – submitting to her dominion & damning their own souls.

The Blackheart Queen crawled out of a Rift just northwest of Jhotenskoll and she quickly stole the hearts of the giants within the region.

The giants named her Queen and quickly began rounding up bugbears, kobolds, ogres & gnolls. They began the invasion of the northern kingdoms and thus a war that has dragged on now for the better part of twelve years.

The Blackheart Queen

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