Rhiannon Terranrae

Cute pixie wanderer & shapeshifter


3’ tall on a good day but her true form may be smaller.

She is an enchanting creature both beautiful & mischievous with long, curly fiery red hair, emerald green eyes & a pale golden complexion speckled with tiny freckles on her cheeks & nose.

Her translucent butterfly wings shimmer in the sun with multicolor iridesce.

She prefers to wear dresses made from vines, flowers and artfully placed leaves.


Little is known of her origin or her age, though she hint that she may in fact be VERY old.

She is smitten with a large Valanese soldier named Bastion. He has yet to reciprocate her affections but she’s convinced over time he will fall head over heels in love, and one day be her faithful husband within the fairy kingdom.

She also likes to collect twigs and turn them into elaborate wreaths that even spell things.

Things like: “Bast wuvs Rhi 4ever”

Rhiannon Terranrae

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