Xavian Devil's Hand

Warlord of the Northern Horde



An elven Nether with hands that look as if they’ve been dipped in soot & milky skin, etched with hundreds of scars. One eye is stark white & the other jet black and his long hair is also black & white.

He is wraith thin but wiry with tribal scarification across his chest, back & shoulders.

Xavian dresses in a simple black tunic & sandals but during the day, covers his head with the cowl of his panther fur cloak.


Xavian is the terror of Crow’s Port; a serial killer that stalked the streets for years, murdering indiscriminately whenever the nightmares within his head robbed him of sleep & peace.

Stories & rumor aside, what IS known of Xavien is that he is a legendary brawler whose incredible striking power defied his small stature. It is believed he could shatter stone with his fists & kill an ogre with one punch. How he came to acquire this ability is unclear but what cannot be denied is how fearsome this man can be when he is “hunting”.

He is Convergence’s number one soldier & next in line of succession. His troops fear & revere Xavian as “the blessed soldier” within the Horde, who will one day stand at Convergence’s side as the supreme rule of the land.

Something about his position has changed Xavian from homicidal murderer to military tactician. He carries an aura of confidence & invincibility that the tribesmen of Staggra respect above all else. Might makes right & Xavian has proven time & again that no one but the Horde’s king is a match for his prowess on the battlefield.

Xavian Devil's Hand

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